Blue Flares, Bokeh and Light Leaks, Warm Flares, Lens FX Filters, Film Burn 6, Video MOV With Alpha - Energetic, clean, classy, wedding productions, Click to download

Lens Flares and Bokeh Filters

Good for slick transitions, classy overlays and adding depth to your footage

Crystal Optics 35 Free VFX

Blue Flare Transition 5 Free VFX

Lens Flare - LED Transition 1 Free VFX

Anamorphic Transition 27 Free VFX

Red Light Leak (Loopable) 1 Download VFX

(4K) Crystal Optics 11 Download VFX

Loopable Bokeh Wide 2 Download VFX

(4K) Crystal Optics 24 Download VFX