Pre-Keyed Extras, Dust & Smoke, Loopable Backgrounds, Video Transitions, 3d Buttons, Motion Graphics...

Magic Hit 1 1920x1080

Nova Burst 1920x1080

Lightning Accent 5 1920x1080

Lightning Accent 4 1920x1080

Muzzle Flash Side with Tracer no smoke 3840x2160

Five Point Muzzle Flash Side 1920x1080

Muzzleflash - Handgun Side 1920x1080

3 Star Muzzle Flash Front 1920x1080

Label 2d Banner 2 1920x1080

Cloud Burst Accent 2 1920x1080

Cloud Burst Accent 1920x1080

Circle Accent 1920x1080

Mixed Confetti 720x406

Pokeball Transition 3 1920x1080

Pokeball Transition 1 1920x1080

GlitchTech Transition 1 1920x1080

Subscribe Button 1920x1080

Previous Video Button 1920x1080

Channel Button 1920x1080

Next Video Button 1920x1080

Low Poly Black Background 1920x1080

Looping Low Poly Floor 1920x1080

American Flag 720x406

Eclipse Effect 1920x1080

Corporate Lower Third 2 1920x1080

Corporate Lower Third 1 1920x1080

Action Sports Lower Third 1920x1080

Modern News Lower Third 1920x1080

Comic Dizzy Star 1280x720

Energy at Screen 1920x1080

Cartoon Smoke Puff 1280x720

Comic Crack! 1280x720

Particle Explosion Big 1920x1080

Mushroom Explosion 1 1920x1080

Slo-Mo Explosion 3 800x480

Slo-Mo Explosion - Birdseye View 720x480

Futuristic Sniper HUD 720x406

Techy Hexagons 1920x1080

Loopable Gun Holgram 1 1280x720

SciFi Muzzle Flash 1 Front 1280x720

Slomo Blood Side 720x480

Slowmo Blood Squib Side 1 1920x1080

Bloody Messy Impact 720x480

Blood Spill 1 3840x2026

Shot Down MP5 with FX 1920x1080

Walking Side Angle MP5 1920x1080

Stand to Crouch Fire Left and Right M4 1920x1080

Crouch Fire Quarter Angle Handgun 1920x1080

(4K) Female Hand - Single Finger Single Tap 3840x2160

(4K) Male Hand - Swipe Right 3840x2160

(4K) Female Hand - Swipe Left 3840x2160

(4K) Female Hand - Single Finger Double Tap 3840x2160

2K Debris Bursting 2048x1556

Asphalt Debris Blast Upwards 1920x1080

2K Debris Side Impact 2048x1556

2K Debris Side Impact 3 2048x1556

Rising Atmosphere 720x480

Shockwave 1 720x480

Cloudy Shockwave Front 1920x1080

Atmospheric Vortex 1280x676

Falling Snow 1280x720

Grey Tornado 720x540

Wall Cracks 720x480

Ground Cracks 1920x1080

Bokeh Warm 4 1920x1080

Digital Light Leak 2 1280x720

LED Sphere Streaks 1920x1080

Digital Light Leak 7 1280x720

Trees 720x480

Windy Tree HD 1440x1080

Nature 1280x720

Purple Flowers HD 1440x1080


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