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Muzzle Flash - Automatic Burst 2 720x480

Muzzleflash - Handgun Side2 720x480

Muzzle Flash - Automatic Burst 720x480

Muzzleflash - Handgun Side 1920x1080

Bloody Messy Impact 720x480

Bloody Messy Impact 2 720x480

Slomo Blood Side 720x486

Bloody Impact Spray 720x480

GlitchTech Transition 1 1920x1080

Energy at Screen 1920x1080

Mixed Confetti 720x406

GlitchTech Transition 4 1280x720

Explosion - Smokey Cloud 720x480

Slo-Mo Explosion 3 800x480

Explosive Burst and Fire 720x480

Slo-Mo Explosion - Birdseye View 720x480

Rising Atmosphere 720x480

Shockwave 1 720x480

Falling Snow 1280x720

New Bullet Impact 720x480

Nasa Launch

Nasa Orbit

Nasa Shuttle

Trees 720x480

Futuristic Sniper HUD 720x406

Clock Countdown 720x480

Fireworks 720x576

Basic HUD 720x480