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Primary Color Grading

DaVinci Resolve Lite · Intermediate

Sound FX Tips and Tricks!

Adobe Premiere · Intermediate

Conforming Footage

DaVinci Resolve Lite · Beginner

Lower Thirds

Adobe Premiere · Intermediate

Take your footage from Day to Night using DaVinci Resolve Lite!

DaVinci Resolve Lite · Intermediate

Season Special!

Adobe Premiere · Intermediate

Keyframes and Blood Splatter!

Adobe Premiere · Intermediate

MOFX Transitions

Adobe Premiere · Intermediate

POV Screen bullet Shots

After Effects CS6 · Beginner

Muzzle flash trick

General Tips & Tricks

Earthquake Effect

After Effects CS6 · Intermediate

Blood Mist Impact

iMovie · Intermediate

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A quick Explosion / Shockwave test!

Jan 26, 2014

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Sep 12, 2013

Robot Apocalypse Cartoon!

Sep 12, 2013

Wall cracks, sparks and what's next!

Aug 16, 2013

Our new short film -Mod4Life

Jun 10, 2013

AAaaamazing First Person Shooter App I co-made!

Jun 06, 2013

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May 24, 2013

Procedural Ground Crack Effect

May 17, 2013

Bullet Impacts and Stuff

Apr 25, 2013

Shotgun Assets!

Apr 10, 2013

New FX!

Mar 28, 2013