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Scope Overlay 10 (PRO) 1280x720

Scope Overlay 9 (PRO) 1280x720

Scope Overlay 8 (PRO) 1280x720

Sniper Scope Overlay 1 (PRO) 1280x720

Magic Circle - Electric (PRO) 1280x720

Energy Charge and Burst (PRO) 1920x1080

Holographic HUD Map (PRO) 1280x720

Magic Circle - Ice (PRO) 1280x720

Automatic Muzzle Flash Side with Tracer and Shells 3840x2160

Muzzle Flash Side with Tracer no smoke 3840x2160

Muzzle Flash - Automatic Burst 2 720x480

Particle Explosion Multiple 1920x1080

Muzzle Flash - Automatic Burst 720x480

Muzzleflash - Handgun Side2 720x480

Particle Explosion Big 1920x1080

Slo-Mo Explosion 3 800x480


After Effects Tutorial - Throw some Fireballs!

After Effects · Intermediate

After Effects Tutorial - Drone Strike!

After Effects · Intermediate

AE Templates

Action Title Sequence

Easily add backgrounds, swap text, and customize your own awesome Title Sequence! - 1920x1080 - 20 seconds

Slick Title Transitions

Easily edit precomps to create your own custom dynamic intro or title animation! - 1920x1080 - 20 seconds