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Make an After Effects Tutorial


Can you make a good tutorial using FootageCrate? Want huge traffic on your videos?

We are looking for people who can show us what they can do using our FREE effects. If you can create a useful tutorial in After Effects, we might post in on our homepage, which would bring thousands of views to your video! Just make sure to follow these rules:

  1. Good audio! No one wants to here mouse click after mouse click, keyboard typing, or your mom entering the room asking if you 'want more hot-pockets?' Just clean, clear, and prepared narration.
  2. Know what you are going to say! Rehearse, don't waste time, there is no such thing as a long attention span on the internet. I bored myself just typing that.
  3. Keep it short as possible. Get to the point. People can rewind and watch again if they need to. Shorter is sweeter in my opinion.
  4. Be original. Muzzle flashes, explosions, blood hits, those are all awesome, but there are plenty of tutorials on how to make them. If you try something new, there is a greater likely-hood we will post your tutorial on our homepage.
  5. Submit link to

Check out the tutorial below as a good sample. It is simple, straight to the point, clean audio and easy to follow. Feel free to use music to spice it up (or even use in your tutorial). If we don't use your tutorial, it is because you ignored all the above rules, and means you will send a follow up email asking why we did not post your tutorial, at which point I will direct you to re-read this posting, resulting in an endless cycle which will eventually corrupt the space-time continuum, dissolving the universe as we know it. :)

Beginner AE tutorial: POV Screen bullet Shots


A quick Explosion / Shockwave test!


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