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Adobe Premiere Tutorial - Season Special!


Adobe Premiere Tutorial - Keyframes and Blood Splatter!


Adobe Pemiere Tutorial - MOFX Transitions


FootageCrate, Now Hiring!



Want to make money doing what you love? Are you skilled with After Effects, Premiere, or any video editing software? Perfect!

We are looking for some ProductionCrate fans who know FootageCrate and SoundsCrate content well, and would make some tutorials showing others how to best use our content.

If you have experience creating tutorials and are interested in joining the team, send us an email to:

Please include samples to past tutorials to show that you are easy to understand, have a good microphone, and have a good understanding of your video editing software.

Yes, we would pay you on a per-tutorial basis. You would need a PayPal account, and then you are good to go.

Beginner AE tutorial: POV Screen bullet Shots